Place A Clothespin On Your Ear For 5 Seconds & Cure Different Part Of Your Body!!!

At every point in life and even in the day we can’t always feel our best. Something is going to be off and sometimes you can’t even pin the problem accurately. Be it some kind of ache, headache it can bring us down and our energy levels.

You are one step away to finding out the solution for this issue with a simple technique.

There are a universal spot and point in our bodies that can greatly help you in reducing these kinds of pains and afflictions and make your organs function normally again. This is an unconventional method that will provide you with instant pain relief and better mood and energy during the day. It includes very simple instruments, the clothespin and it should be placed at different points on the ear.

According to Dr. Helen Chin Lui, the ears have the complete reflex map of the body and once you touch the nerve endings in the ears you can connect to certain organs and connections in the central nervous system.

The ear has 6 different spots that you can stimulate that relate and correspond to different organs and realms in the body. The only thing you need to do is place one clothespin on one point of your choice depending on the affliction and pain you have and wait for the results and effects.

The Upper Part

  • This part is related to the back and the shoulders.
  • Apply some pressure on this point. Let the build-up and tension pass and you will notice the benefits in the corresponding area.

The Top of The Ear’s Curve

  • This part is correspondent to the organs in general and once you feel something is off you cannot go wrong with stimulating this point.

The Upper-Middle Part of The Ear

  • This is connected to the joint so if you feel any tension of stiffness in the joints stimulate it with a clothespin.

The Lower-Middle Part of The Ear

  • This part is connected to the throat and your sinuses and stimulating this point can help with a stuffy and runny nose and congestion.

Above the Earlobe

  • Stimulating this point can help and aid digestion and maintain a balanced intestinal flora.

The Earlobe

  • This point is related to the heart and the head and by stimulating it you can remove and reduce migraines, headaches and protect the heart.

Note: Remember that these are only pain relieving techniques that do not heal and treat the problem at hand. For instant relief use this method but for further analysis go to the doctor’s office.