Here Are 5 Exercises For Relieving Back Pain That Will Take Only 15 Minutes!!!

Pain is one way of the body to show and tell us when something is wrong on the inside and sometimes any kind of pain can be so severe that it can even be debilitating. Pain can happen in any place due to many factors and one thing that we usually overlook is our feet.


Our feet can influence so much of our bodies because they control the number one thing we do every day and that is walking. The feet support is highly important and can contribute to healthy movement and body in general.

We need to take better care of our feet and one Chinese method advises us to use acupressure as a form of acupuncture that can really improve the condition of the feet and thus provide excellent support for the whole body and relieve back, hip and knee pain.

By applying pressure on certain parts of the body you cannot only relieve pain but also reduce stress, anxiety and improve the general mental and physical condition of the body.

Here are the 5 top best exercises of acupressure that can strengthen your feet and improve body balance.


Toe Walking

  • The only thing you need to do is stand on your tiptoes and move in a forward direction for about 20 seconds.
  • Repeat this process 5 times while making 15-second breaks in between.
  • This should be practiced twice a day.

Resisted Flexion

  • Sit on the floor and straighten your feet in front of you.
  • Place an exercise band on the bedpost and place it on the top of the feet.
  • Lean back in order to tighten the band and band the foot backward and stay in that position for about 10 seconds.
  • This will help you prevent injuries and strengthen the muscles.

Toe Presses

  • In order to warm up, the leg muscles stand on your two feet regularly and bend the knees a little bit.
  • In this position start “gripping” the floor with your toes and hold that position for 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Ankle Circles

  • The range of motility of the ankles is very important and can be improved with this simple exercise.
  • Start in a lying position and place the leg overhead and rotate the ankles clockwise and repeat with the other leg.

Toe Pencil Pickups

  • Place a pencil on the floor and try to pick it up with your toes.
  • Lift it with one foot and hold for 10 seconds and then repeat with the other foot. Do 10 repetitions.